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Full Stack Developer | Photographer | Machine Learning Enthusiast

About Me

I'm Ishan. I am from Nepal and currently pursing Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.

I enjoy solving problems with technology. When I'm not coding, you can find me hiking or engaged in photography.

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TipTracker is a wage and tip-tracking app that not only allows users to store shifts and calculate their total profit but also utilizes machine learning-backed analytics to empower users to strategically select the most profitable shifts to maximize their earnings.

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GT On-Campus Jobs Notification Service

On-Campus jobs often have flexible hours with great pay and can help provide relevant experience to add to your resume. However, there is no way to know when these jobs are posted, and by the time you find them, it's often too late. After signing up for this free service, you will be notified immediately as soon as a new job is posted and help you land your next on-campus job.

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GT Circle K

This is Georgia Tech Circle K International's official website. It allows students to find all the volunteering opportunities near them. It offers dedicated admin dashboard for Club officers to keep track of events and projects with integration to Google Calendar and GroupMe.

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Namaste Savannah

Easily configurable restaurant website built with Node.js, React, and MongoDB.

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From Work Scheduler to Personalized Cozmo Personal Assistant, see more on my Github

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Sometimes I just like to grab my camera and get lost.

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